Monday, March 31, 2008

My interest for the Model A begins!

So we brought it home on the trailer and left it over night.... oh and by the way we made sure this one came with a title!!! lol..... but anyways, the next morning was a beautiful saturday morning... so i got up early eager to learn to drive my new car... i went downtown and got a plate for it, came home, drove it once or twice in the drive and then my dad said "hey, so are we going to dog n' suds or what?" i was like ummm.... lol i had never driven stick on the road and had never driven that car on the road and it is waaay different than a new car. so i'm kinda nervous but i say yeah lets go... we hop in and scoot down the road about 40 mph 7 or 8 miles to dog n' suds.... got there just fine... ate and came home...... well i was hooked. From that day on all the "hot rod" things i was gonna do started not sounding so great... i mean this car was amazing i loved every bit of it so i didnt really want to change it that much the more i thought about it. so i ran it without the hood and that was pretty much as far as i went for a while. The first few months i had it i just fixed a few leaks here and there and tried to get it running as best as i could and fix things on it little by little.

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