Monday, March 31, 2008

High comp. head (5.9:1), leakless ultimate water pump, thermostat, and engine touchup

the new high compression head (5.9:1)
stock model a's have 4.2:1 compression
they have an advertised 40 hp but have been dyno'd at only 35 hp, but they didnt have the equipment like we have today to measure it very precise. stock they would go about 55. but everyone i talk to nowadays say they only go about 50 mph. well after putting the new high comp. head on i think it boosted the horsepower about 10 horse... it will go 60 miles per hour and it has GREATLY increased acceleration. and driving a stock model a up a very steep hill is... well..... interesting lol.. but it has nooo problem going up pretty much any hill in third gear now!

The ultimate leakless water pump is really nice to have. yes leakless means the originals leaked... but this one doesnt leak a drop and has a sealed rear bearing so that when you grease the water pump the grease cant get into the cooling sytem.

TIP: when i put this on the bolts it came with to put it on leaked... there are 4 bolts... 2 of the holes in the head go all the way through, so the water was seeping back through the threads and leaking out onto the block.... i took the 2 bolts that were leaking out, put 3 or 4 layers of thread tape on them then put an o-ring at the end of the bolt to act as a seal against the flat part on the pump... well it worked! it doesnt leak a drop now!

This is what my engine did look like... without the hoses on...

bleeeeh.... it looks really dirty in this pic... probly cuz it was

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