Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finishing up with the High Comp. head installation

got the head off.... to do this you loosen the head nuts just about an 1/8 of an inch and then turn the motor over (not by hand) and it will pop the head loose

old head gasket... copper

ya know... no matter what you do.. there is always that one bolt, in this case a stud, that just doesnt want to come out...

top view before cleaning

it was burning great!

old water pump

got the head all cleaned up... just chasin the threads

muuuch better!!

all the valves had ford on them... 78 year old valves...

touched up the paint and it made all the difference

you have to put new studs in ALWAYS if you take the head off for any reason

cleaned... painted... new studs... new high performance model B gasket

oh yes..

so much cleaner

me workin on my baby

lowered an 1 & 1/2... looks alot better

i added my little detail touch on the fan blade.. like the old bombers had on the propeller..

another little touch of mine... i love small detail stuff like that.. and i love to see if people notice

it looks amazing!!!

this is just a cool picture!!! that exhaust manifold gasket has got to go though.. i have a much better one i need to put on

mmm purdy!!

sooooo much better looking

so fresh and so clean

WOW!!! that made a huge difference

my heater... new hoses... touched up fan blade

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