Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hopped Up Ford Model A "4 barrels"

Riley 2 port OHV = $2500

hearing a Riley 2 port = priceless haha

Riley 2 port OHV

i love it!!

wow.. this engine gives me goosebumps!!!! 4 port Riley OHV conversion with full oil pressure system, and some other goodies!!!! and it's only $3500 haha..... maybe someday... a guy has to dream right?

if i can someday have a shop bench that looks like this i will be a VERY happy man..... i want as many model a and t parts and motors i can get my hands on!!!!!!!!!

oooh boy!!! another beauty... Ardun head.. i believe it's also OHV

high compression aluminum head (winfield i believe) dual downdraft intake manifold.... 4 into 1 tube header

this is a Clemmons 2 port OHV conversion.. i think the picture is probably from the 70's or 80's

this was my original plan to do to my motor but decided to go more stock, i'm only gonna put one stromberg 97 on her but i am using that tube header... i might get the 4 into 2 tube header and put duals on it... not really sure......

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